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The Company holds a leading position in the Greek market, as for all these years it has been providing companies of the Greek State, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Transportation, Communication, Justice, Finance, Employment, Agriculture, Commercial Navy, Defense, the Greek Defense Industry, the Competition Committee, the Institute of Energy, the Hellenic Post, the Greek Natural Gas Company and the Greek Telecom, the Greek Parliament, various Municipalities and the Greek Presidency, with significant translation and interpretation services.

The Company has obtained ISO 9001: 2008 & DIN EN 1538 Certification.

The services provided by the company cover approximately 100 languages, in sectors such as economy, chemistry, medicine, pharmacology, law, literature, history, archaeology, biology, technology etc.

Company "E. Tsertsidis & Co" is member of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Professional Translators, the Hellenic - Swedish Chamber of Athens, and the Professional Chamber of Athens.

Among the company's customers are the Embassies of Finland, Switzerland, Canada, Sudan, Cameroon, Sweden, Vodafone, TIM, ╔┬╠ and the major companies listed in the Athens Stock Exchange.

Financial giants such as CCF, ┼urobank and Citibank, are some of the customers of company "E. Tsertsidis & Co".
The biggest law firms in Greece have been among the company's loyal customers for several years now.

During the last ten years the company has successfully translated thousands of pages of technical specifications for big and challenging projects executed by consortia of Greek and foreign construction companies, as well as infrastructure projects, such as the Metro, the tram, the suburban railway, the new international airport, new hospital units in various cities, various Olympic projects, the Rio - Antirio Bridge, Railway projects, river deviation projects, constructions of dams, tunnels etc.

The company further has considerably contributed in the translation of specialized technical texts on defense equipment, as well as in the provision of cabin interpreters in meetings of the ministries involved.

In the sector of pharmacology, the company has an enormous background covering almost all pharmacological companies in Greece, as it has translated extremely specialized scientific articles, pharmaceutical preparations, studies, etc.

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