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EXPERT TRANSLATIONS ® is superior to other medical translation services. This is because our translators have medical degrees. Translating medical documents and medical terms cannot be entrusted to a person who simply speaks the required language.

EXPERT TRANSLATIONS ® is a leading provider of medical and pharmaceutical translation and related services. Our expertise covers many areas of medical translation and guarantees the most comprehensive solution to your translation problems. These include:

Medical texts, patient information papers, medical prescriptions, inserts, user guides for medical staff and patients, medical equipment instruction manuals, brochures and software, clinical, toxicological, pharmaceutical and biological information, equipment, packaging labels, medical questionnaires and medical terminology.

We cover a wide range of medical areas and are able to translate your information and history records, clinical reports, instruction manuals, medical charts, medical prescriptions, claims and manuscripts.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results, because you will receive the most professional medical translations available.


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