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We know how to make your presentation a success in any market!


Localization Services

Unlock new markets!

Each new market presents us with a new challenge demanding a proper presentation that will guarantee success! Either when we introduce a new product in the Greek market or a Greek product to a foreign market, its success depends on the quality of the presentation. The barriers that we have to overcome are not only of a linguistic nature. There are various cultural, legal, technical and other matters that have to be solved too.

For example, simply translating the promotional, marketing and sales material of a product in Greek is not necessarily a guarantee that the product will sell well in the Greek market. Potential buyers may possibly understand what the commercials say, but it is rather impossible that they will buy an un-localized product, that is: A product that has not been adapted to the local standards extant in their market, which are entirely different.

E. Tsertsidis & Co E.E.. combination of experience and know-how in the localizations sector is the ideal solution to increasing sales in a new market.

Ensure that you get what is best for you and your company with E. Tsertsidis & Co E.E., today!


We have been gathering a huge amount of experience through our long professional presence in the field of hellenizing translations. We have been working with material so diverse that included anything from video-games to multi-thousand words projects for giants like IBM and Eurobank that presented us with the challenge of overcoming a great number of extreme difficulties.


Expert Teams

Our specialized work teams consists of expert in various disciplines (legal, technical, financial, etc.) and the specialized knowledge of their members are a guarantee for flawless and on time delivery of your materials.


Special Software

We have even developed our own confidential specialized Localizations Software. Our IT experts working really ahead of their times will develop for you any type of technology or software package or network application desired or needed.



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